Long- and Short-Haul Moving/Storage Dispatcher

MAJOR FUNCTION: Communicate and coordinate the dispatch of long and short haul units and drivers to ensure the on-time load and delivery of shipments to customers. Improve hauler profitability and driver retention through effective dispatch, fill outs and assisting drivers with their day-to-day dispatch related problems.


CHECK CALLS: Enter daily check call information recording the driver’s location, present status and location of next check call.
TRIP UPDATE: Update status of each shipment on the driver’s trip, confirming load and delivery schedule is being maintained.
TRIP ASSIGNMENT: Communicate orders to drivers on planned trips, conveying all pertinent loading, delivery and shipment requirements to ensure customer satisfaction.
RESOLVE DRIVER PROBLEMS: Communicate with drivers and agents to resolve all related dispatch and customer problems.
REVIEW DRIVER ACTIVITY REPORT: For planned shipments, missed check calls and shipment delays.
EQUIPMENT BREAKDOWNS: Monitor progress of repairs until unit returns to service or coordinate with responsible scheduler to reassign loaded shipments if necessary.
MONITOR ASSIGNED DRIVERS: To ensure availability and compliance with safety and operations’ requirements.


Must be totally knowledgeable of all operational rules and regulations, dispatch policies, safety, regulations and U.S. geography and all other programs that affect drivers.
Must be a good problem solver and an effective communicator.
Must be accurate in providing information and inputting
information into computer
Must stay calm under pressure, must be patient and possess the ability to persuade and encourage cooperation.

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