Operations Manager, Moving and Storage Dallas, TX

The Operations Manager is responsible to effectively plan, organize, lead and control the Operations Department of the branch. Plans for and organizes required human resources and physical assets required to achieve planned objectives. Develops effective service mechanism and provides departmental leadership to ensure customer satisfaction. Responsible for regulatory enforcement and safety compliance.

Additional Responsibilities

Effectively manages employees reporting directly/indirectly to the position, providing leadership, motivation, development and discipline in order to promote quality performance and achievement of quality and financial objectives.

  1. Std. 1-Recruit and maintain quality CDL drivers.
  2. Std. 2-Ensure quality employees are hired in a non-discriminatory manner. No legitimate complaints of harassment, discrimination or violations of employment laws.
  3. Std. 3-Develop effective training programs to orient new employees, train existing employees and develop all employees for additional responsibilities.
  4. Std. 4- Prepare Performance reviews timely and accurately for your operations staff. Develop performance action plan for employees that are not meeting expectations or are less than competent.

Ensures that all household and commercial jobs are properly dispatched with appropriate crews and equipment to provide the highest quality of service and efficiency.

  1. Std. 1-No loss of customers due to operational service failures or lack of quality while constantly improving the gross margin.
  2. Std.3-Institute a claims reduction program to reduce cargo claims by 10% versus prior year.

Ensures all paperwork and documentation is processed in an accurate and timely manner. All paperwork must be reviewed prior to sending to accounting department review start and end times and that all charges were computed and collected properly.

  1. Std. 1-Make sure all daily dispatch sheets are updated and retained for future reference.
  2. Std. 2-Dispatch sheets are reviewed daily for maximum equipment/manpower utilization and crew productivity.

Develop annual Operations Department budget and manages against budget during the fiscal year to meet or exceed planned operating margins by service line.

  1. Std. 1-Develops accurate and timely budget that proactively plans for business needs and challenges
  2. Std. 2-Quarterly and year to date Operations Department budget are at or below plan.
  3. Std. 3-Quarterly and year to date gross margin objectives are met or exceeded by service line.

Provide for the protection and custody of company’s assets through the adherence to federal, state, and local safety and compliance standards by all operations staff, drivers and helpers.

  1. Std. 1-Enforces and complies with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and industry safety and risk management standards.
  2. Std. 2-Reduce workmen’s compensation claims through recruiting quality employees and a continuous training program.
  3. Std. 3- All equipment and vehicles are inspected by established safety guidelines.

Manage the warehouse to efficiently receive, inventory, store and deliver out customer property without damage. Reduce loss/damage claims through a thorough review of warehouse procedures and implementing an ongoing training program.

  1. Std. 1- Reduce warehouse and cargo claims by 10% over prior year.
  2. Std. 2- Ensure warehouse is efficiently organized to maximize storage space and revenue opportunity. A. Arnold housekeeping standards are met or exceeded at all times.

Assist the sales staff to solicit O&I, Logistics, Warehousing, Distribution, Intrastate, Interstate, and International moving and storage business by attending sales meetings and O&I face-to-face appointments as necessary.

Meet with VP/GM monthly, quarterly, and annually to review and evaluate performance standards, objectives, operations department achievements, challenges and monitor the progress of your department goals.

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