About Us

SmartSearch specializes in recruiting for all positions for the moving and storage industry.

Van lines and agencies are all seeking the best possible candidates for sales, operations, finance, and human resources positions. We help clients fill these positions with highly qualified candidates, who have made the commitment to seek new challenges in their present or new markets.

We have extensive, industry-specific experience enabling us to find the right people, by providing background checks and personality testing, where necessary. We leverage an extensive network to verify the real experience of our candidates. We help clients sharply define the job specifications that will best suit their needs, and identify enthusiastic and committed candidates seeking the best opportunities. We help our clients and job candidates work together efficiently.

Key to all our interactions is making sure we find “The Fit.”

We suggest our clients conduct multiple interviews, with employees from all levels of management and all departments participating. The more people involved in the hiring process, the more effective the evaluation of the candidate can be.

We handle all searched with discretion and confidentiality. Résumés and company names are not exchanged before all parties to a placement agree.

The next time you have an important position that needs to be filled, or if you are looking for a new opportunity, trust SmartSearch.